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BD Compost – Area,  Preparation and Application

“Cooking nice food for the plants”!

Aerobic composting in BD farming is preferred.
(Anaerobic composting can produce many pathogens microbes.)

What can be used for BD HEAP COMPOSTING


The best is to use all your farm and Garden waste and Animal Manure. (fumier – déjections animales)
Note: all kind of animal manure can be used, cow, horse, goat, sheep, chicken etc.

Note: Use fresh cow-dung if possible from cows that have not been treated with anti-biotics or other chemical treatments..

Manures are mainly used to activate the digestive activity in the compost pile. (fermentation)

Fresh small quantities of animal manure are sufficient for the preparation of compost for large areas.
Remember Cow manure is a very valuable material in all farming methods.

Preferable it should go through a process of composting such as a compost pile or heap and should not be  spread out directly on the land… In such a case a lot of the beneficial nutrients and microbes will be lost. (If the manure is applied on the field directly it should be worked into the (plough) into the ground immediately.)

CONVERSION ( from conventional farming )  TO ORGANIC

1st step:
Start with compost.

Composting is essential for any organic farmer.
(You need to start at least 4 months upfront.)


10 ton/acre – for intensive farming vegetable farming etc.
5 ton/acre – for orchards, gardens etc. ( or 1 annual crop of grain – céréales ou du blé)


1. carbonaceous = all the dry material, leaves, dried crop waste, saw dust.  50-60%

2. proteineous= any animal waste, and all the green, leguminous material. 35-40%

3. Minerals = lime powder (chaux vive – cal viva – quicklime), rock phosphate, rock dust, wood ash, bore well soil. 1-2%

4. Inoculates = native soil, old compost and bio-dynamic preparations.

Note: Only if you have enough carbon material you can preserve the nitrogen from your animal waste.

PREPARATION – area and size

Preparation : can be done in open areas but it needs a nice mulch over it to preserve moisture. (images mulch). In very hot areas it should preferably be placed/done in the shade under trees.

Air tunnels :   Bundles of long hard material such as branches should be placed over the whole length to allow air flow.

Size of heap:

1.5 m.        high
4.8 – 5 m.  long
1.8 m         wide

Space for compost at DAR EL SADAKA
Minimum space for 3 heaps of compost and storage space of organic materials. 8 m. wide x 10 m. long

Note: 1 heap gives aprox. 10 m3 of compost after 3 months…     ( 1 cubic meter or 1-m3 equals  1-ton of compost)

a finished BD compost heap
Intensive farming 10 m3 per Acre/Year  (not the case of Dar el Sadaka)
Orchards 5 m3 per Acre/Year
– Gardens 5 m3 per Acre/Year (Flower and ornamental gardening as requested)
vegetable garden  5 m3 per Acre/Year
Grains / Cornfield 5 m3 per Acre/Year  (1 crop a year)

IMPORTANT:  The more HUMUS in the TOP SOIL (first 10 to 15cm of soil) the more and the better the soil will retain the water and less irrigation has to be performed.

OBJECTIVE: The goal is to improve the overall humus content in the Soil in order to improve water efficiency and to reduce little by little over irrigation. Increasing a topsoil rich in humus content will help to turn the gardening into a more sustainable and less costly activity.

How to built and prepare a nice BD COMPOST HEAP

The lasagna method…….

start with building an Air tunnel consisting of bundles of long hard material such as branches placed over the whole length to allow air flow. 4.8 – 5 m.  long


1st layer……
Carbon material. (15-18 cm.) – carbonaceous material
Note: All the carbon material has to be made wet outside the heap.

carbon layer

2nd layer…..
Cow dung slurry. proteineous layer
(+ 4 cm of old compost if you don’t have fresh cow dung)

cow dung

Minerals 2 kg of each. (see ingredients above)  Minerals layer Except Lime solution at this time….
Note: No lime powder solution at this time….  lime should not get in touch with animal waste (cow-dung) it should be sprinkled over the heap during the 6th layer..

Carbon material. (15-18 cm.) carbonaceous material
(All the carbon material has to be made wet outside the heap.)

Green leguminous material – proteineous layer
All kinds of green fresh organic material such as leaves, and crop waste if available.

All Minerals (rock phosphate etc… borewell soil,  and also Lime solution…) – mineral layer
Lime in the form of calcium oxide   (chaux vive – quicklime – cal viva)  (Sea shell lime is the best but also from rocks is good.)

Note: Lime should not get in touch with the Manure… Cow-dung slurry… they annihilate each other functioning.

Inoculates – native soil, old compost and bio-dynamic preparations.
(no Valerian yet)(native soil, old compost etc) no bd preparations yet. These can be applied only once. At a later stage. (2nd set)

These  7 steps all  together make 1 SET of layers.
(keep repeating the layering system unto the required height. (1.50 m.)

After these 2 SETS of Layers the BD Preps are introduced…..

Application BD herbal preparations.

BD 502  – BD 507 

The bd preparations are introduced into the compost pile by means of balls made out of mud and or old compost.  ( 1 gram of each BD prep.  is enough for 1 compost pile.)


1. After 2 sets of layers:  5 balls of wet compost, each one with 1 of the 5 BD preparations inside should be added on top of the carbon layer.

2. To finish of the compost Pile or heap 2 more sets of layers should be added to reach the right height of 1,80 m.

Important….  Each mud-ball contains 1 type of BD preparation.

Ball # 1:  1 gram BD 502     –   Yarrow  – Enhances  potash and Sulfur forces, provides Selenium and micro nutrients, Through compost provides Potash.

Ball # 2:  1 gram BD 503    –   Chamomile  –  Regulates decomposition of plant protein. Preserves Nitrogen, Provides Calcium

Ball # 3:  1 gram BD 504    –   Stinging Nettle  –  Provides iron and strengthens plant, provides also Magnesium and sulfur, good for humus formation.

Ball # 4:  1 gram BD 505    –  Oak Bark  –  effective against plant diseases, regulates…

Ball # 5:  1 gram BD 506    – Dandelion  –  Sensitivity opening towards the cosmos… Provides Silica for plant development.

Note: After introducing the mudballs…. 2 more SETS of Layers should be added…

At this point 2 more sets of layers should be added… starting from the beginning with Cow manure…

APROX. 4 SETS of layers are needed to create 1 HEAP of 1.80 m high.

Last but not least… Only once the compost heap is completely finished…

STIRR  10 ml.  BD 507    –  Valerian  –  Liquid herbal preparation, provides Phosphorous and has a warming effect.

The 10 ml BD 507 should be poured into a bucked with 2-5 ltr. of clean non clorished water and “stirred” – “dynamised” for 30 minutes…                Dynamising the content is essential to bring in and activate the life forces..

Note: Stir till you obtain a VORTEX. than change direction till you obtain again a Vortex..

Note: The Valerian (liquid) should be added at the end.

Purchase of BD preps:

The BD preps can be self-made or one can purchase them for a reasonable price through a reliable and experienced BD herbal preparation manufacturer:    A couple are mentioned here below…

Kurinji Organic Farms, Kodaikanal India T.N.
C. Jeykaran E
E-mail: jakes@md3.vsnl.net.in

Supa Pvt. Ltd., Nainital
Binita Shah



– Watering the compost heap regularly is important.
– make a nice carving over the whole length at the top to enhance water penetration.
– Finish with a nice mulch or big fibrous leafs…. for example Palm leafs will do fine.



1st turning after 1 month…..  very important
Take 1-2 feet from one side to see inside the compost heap. If there is white fungus it means it is to dry.

Note:  This is the moment to correct your mistake. Water the heap while turning.
If your heap is too moist add coir dust, saw dust, wood chips, husk or dry hay during turning.

After turning you can re-shape the heap but maintain the height  and the width. Otherwise the drying will be very fast.
Note: turn the heap after removing the mulch of palm leafs.

SHREDDER: The shredder is a mechanical or electrical machine that cuts large fibrous carbon material into small pieces. This will enhance the composting and fermentation process… It could also be applied to create a nice Mulch to avoid unnecessary water evaporation.

Note: By lack of green material you can replace it by adding more cow dung.

When: The valuable BD compost, highly rich in plant nutrients and enhanced with life forces should be applied on the field or garden during the descending period of the month. Descending Period is a rhythm related to Earth activity….

Where: The compost should be applied near the plants, vegetables and or spread out equally over a field or acre..

How:  The BD Compost must be ploughed or shuffled into the soil/ground.

How much:  The BD compost in general, should be applied according to the doses indicated earlier in this article.. But each crop and the soil conditions might demand a slightly different dosage. (see the  BD Agriculture manual)

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget… the BD Compost must be ploughed or shuffled into the ground

Note: regarding TREES and orchards…. !!!!
The compost is most effective in the area where the roots of the trees are. This is in the DRIP AREA of the tree… NOT close to the trunk of the tree… 

(The ascending phase starts when the moon crosses to the north of the ecliptic. The descending phase starts when the moon crosses to the south. Each phase will last aproximately 13-14 days… and is NOT related to the moon rhythms…)

For more information and precise dates for farming activities consult the BD Planting calendar of your region… Planting calendars can be purchased through the BD association in your country.


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“Art & Environmental Workshop for the Kids of  Sevapur and Tharagampatti”

Como de costumbre llevo un retraso de un par de semanas y la cronologia de mis historias et aventuras por la Inida se ha visto de nuevo interumpido.. Pero bien que vamos hacer si hay tantas cosas interesantes y bonitas por vivir.

Hace un par de semanas deje  Sevapur, ese maravilloso lugar escondido entre montanas verdes  de Tamil Nadu.  Impartir durante 4 dias talleres artisticos provisto de ingredientes  medio ambientales, a los estudiantes de Tharagampatti y Sevapur. Fueron 4 dias muy intensos con sooryan (el Sol)  iluminando las caritas sonrientes de chocolate.

La experiencia de impartir clases en India a  los estudiantes de la ” KGBV school for drop out kids” y la Annai Leo Highschool fue exotica et increiblemente agradecida. Ninos y ninas educados, centrados y simpaticos/as con ganas de hacer y aprender algo diferente…. Ojala la ensenanza artistica fuera siempre asi.

Fue una sorpresa muy agradable ver el entusiasmo con el que se lanzaron al trabajo manual e artistico. Esta vez se me habia occurido la idea de dar un taller sobre Mandalas y Yantras, utilizando principalmente materiales economicos para que las educadoras pudiesen continuar con los tallers cuando yo no estuviera sin tener costes execivos.

Los pinceles, las hojas de papel y la cola blanca  habia adquerido en Dindigul una ciudad pequena a una hora y media en autobus. Sin embargo los demas materiales de trabajo eran gratuitamente disponibles y faciles de encontrar en el entorno.

Tierra de diferentes tonos se encontraba por doquier, desde blanco a un rojo intenso y tambien hojas de arboles de formas y colores diferentes se encontraba facilmente.. Como por ejemplo las preciosas hojas amarillas del arbol del Neem. Arbol de propiedades medicinales  muy apreciado en la medicina Ayurveda pero tambien en aplicaciones mas cotidianas cuando las ramitas de neem masticados sirven de cepillo de diente purificante gracias a sus propiedades antibioticas.

Los materiales como la cola blanca (carpenters glue), papel blanco, pinceles y un improvisado filtro para separar las piedras grandes de la tierra que pisabamos eran los unicos materiales y herramientas que necesitabamos para ejecutar el trabajo. Los cuaderno del colegio servian para guardar las hojas encontradas para que estos se quedasen bien lisos y planos.

Las Mandalas, simbolos Tibetanos y Las Yantras de la simbologia hinduista hubieran quiza sido fuera de lugar en los talleres de Marruecos  por su significado espiritual y religioso distinto al suyo; pero aqui en Hindu territorio el tema fue muy bien recibida y ademas encajaba a la perfeccion con la onda y vision holistica del que me habia impregnado durante el curso de Agricultura Biodynamico.

Mandalas y Yantras representan el universo; son simbolos de unidad y representan la union entre macro-cosmos (el universo) y micro cosmos (nosotros) y todas las demas plantas y seres vivos sobre esta preciosa planeta azul suspendido en el espacio infinito….

Los estudiantes tenian como tarrea de hacer cada  uno su Mandala, su imagen del universo apartir de los  materiales que tenian a mano..y saliendo de un punto o circulo central…  Libertad completa para la expresson artistica y sorprendentes fueron los trabajos que al final de cada clase…

I.S.S. Sevapur… the Joyful society Inba Seva Sangam…

La vuelta a Sevapur habia sido emocionante, lleno de recuerdos aunque no quise que estos condicionasan esta nueva experiencia. He vuelto a ver a todas esas personas que me recibieron con tanto amor y amabilidad durante mis visitas anteriores y que me ayudaron a encontrar el camino de verdad entre las malezas de la vida.  Ahora se y siento mas y mejor que nunca que este lugar fue muy importante en el procesos de la recuperacion de mi “yo”, de la busqueda personal que comenze hace ya casi dos anios… Esta nueva visita ha reenforzado el sentimiento y la conexion aunque me hubiera gustado pasar mas tiempo simplemente paseando por los bellos parajes y campos de cultivos (organicos y biodynamicos), poder hablar/chapurear y gesticular con los campesinos, mujeres y ninos del pueblo.

Hoy regresando al ‘otro mundo’ disfrute de nuevo,  aunque no con menos intensidad, del ultimo tardecer que se ponia sobre el valle de Kadavur y Sevapur… veia la gente regresar de sus campos con sus majestuosos buyes con los cuernos pintados de colores, cargados de bultos y productos recien cosechadas… Otros disfrutaban del atardecer frente a sus casas de techos de paja y rodeados de un caotico escena de mayores, ninos, animales y herramientos de campo . En otras aldeas la gente hablaba emotivamente delante de los chai-shops comentando las ultimas noticias y cotilleos del dia o descansaban en un escenario de magnificos Yatras, misteriosos vehiculos tallados en madera y decorados de colores rojos y amarillos. Tras una hora de espectaculo de ‘vida campesina pura y sin contaminar’, deje el precioso valle con los ultimos rayos de Sooryan illuminando los verdes campos para incorporarme de nuevo en la ‘ruta’ y la recien construida autopista donde no existen leyes ni reglas. El asfalto aun dominado por gente en bicicleta, motos y animales de pasto;  dejaba, con intervalos, pasar un autobus atestado de gente, a escasos centimetros de nosotros como un fantasma en direccion contraria… Sin lineas ni avisos ni signales de trafico aventurarse por las nuevas vias del “futuro” suponen una autentica e escalofriante experiencia en la India….

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Hace poco he terminado de leer un libro que me ha dejado impresionado. Se titula “Nunca renuncies a tus suenos” y es del autor Augusto Cury, Medico y Psiquiatra de profesion. Su escritos me han llegado (emocionado) profundamente,  habla de la importancia de los suenos. Habla de la importancia de los suenos y analiza suenos de algunos grandes personajes de la humanidad que una y otra vez fallaron en sus propositos pero que no se dejaron desanimar porque sus suenos eran mas fuertes. Algunos que finalmente lograron realizar sus suenos; cambiaron con ello la forma en que la gente pensaba, actuaba y percibian el mundo. Al confiar en sus suenos y realizarlos, lograron que el mundo se volviera mas justo mas  bello y ademas ayudaron a que muchas  personas volvieran a soñar.

Cury dice; “Los suenos son la brujula que nos marca el camino a seguir y las metas que queremos alcanzar. Nos impulsan, nos fortalecen y nos permiten crecer”.

Mi viaje, la busqueda y mis aventuras por la India tal vez tienen este proposito; volver a sonar, volver a creer en mi mismo y en los suenos, volver a confiar en la existencia y volver al ‘camino natural’ del que os he hablado amenudo en este blog. Si nuestros suenos son pequenos, nuestras posibilidades de exito tambien seran limitadas.

“Renunciar a los propios suenos implica darle la espalda a la felicidad: Quien no lucha por cumplirlos esta condenado al fracaso el cien por cien de las veces”.

El trabajo de Cury se basa en muchos anos de investigacion sobre las formas que tiene la mente para procesar los pensamientos y sobre las reacciones del individuo ante estimulos relacionados con recuerdos ocultos en las profundidades de su psique.

 “Sin sueños, la vida es como una mañana si rocío, seca y árida. La vida sin sueños es como un cielo sin estrellas”.

 Tambien dice que sin esperanza se consumen la alegria de vivir y el deseo de cambiar. Es fundamental que el ser humano encuentra la libertad para soñar. La libertad a veces se encuentra mutilada en nuestro interior por habernos conformado, adaptado,  condicionado por la sociedad o por haber renunciado a los propios suenos.

 “Sin libertad, el ser humano se deprime, se asfixia, pierde el sentido existencial. Sin libertad, o se destruye o destruye a los demás”.

Segun dice Cury existen diversas formas de restringir la libertad. – Las preocupaciones existenciales, los pensamientos anticipatorias, la dictadura de la estética del cuerpo y la explotación emocional de la publicidad son algunos de ellas. Se puede ver que amenudo somos nosotros mismos que nos restringimos en nuestra propia libertad, por miedo o por conformismo, por temer ser rechazado por los amigos y familiares y ser considerado un bicho raro.

“Cuando el miedo se halla presente en el anfiteatro de las emociones, no hay dos vencedores. O dominamos el miedo o el miedo nos domina a nosotros”.

Son muchas las razones y los mecanismos que nos hacen actuar de una determinada manera.
Pero es importante saber que todos somos libres para sonar…nadie puede quitarnos nuestros suenos, ni los dictadores nos pueden restringirnos en esa libertad. De los dictadores se puede decir que el que controla la libertad de los demás nunca ha sido libre en su propio interior.

 “Solo una mente libre es capaz de generar personas libres”.

Nos pueden limitar en nuestra libertad fysica, nos pueden encerrar, mutilar y degradar pero no pueden robarnos los suenos y nuestra forma de pensar… Los suenos pertenecen al mundo de la libertad espiritual. Cuando el ser humano se encuentra en situaciones dificiles es cuando mas suena, suena con un futuro mejor lo cual lo estimula a ser creativo y inventivo.

“El deseo de la libertad es una llama inextinguible que se aquita ante las amenazas, pero nunca pierde fuerzas”.

 En países como EEUU, Japon y Europa hay una crisis en la formación de grandes pensadores y líderes idealistas. Por que? Porque los jóvenes no tienen grandes desafios que enfrentar, obstáculos que remontar, crisis que superar. Como hay pocos desafios, suenan menos y están menos comprometidos socialmente.
El exceso de pensamientos ‘sin calidad’ constituye un gran problema y es el gran verdugo de la calidad del ser humano.
Cuidado! El que piensa mucho se atormenta en demasía. De ahi que yo personalmente encuentro mucha ultilidad en la meditacion.

“Los grandes pensadores siempre fueron eximios cuestionadores que utilizaron el arte de la duda y de la crítica para abrir el mundo de las ideas”.

Luego Cury nos habla extensamente de su gran descubrimiento la Inteligencia Multifocal y dice que muchos grandes sonadores de la humanidad se dotaron de esa caracteristica para realizar sus suenos.  La inteligencia multifocal consiste entre otros en;  pensar antes de actuar; exponer las ideas, en lugar de imponerlas; tener espíritu de emprendedor; ser un constructor de oportunidades; atreverse a reeditar los propios conflictos; mostrar ánimo frente a los desafios; no depender de la opinión de los de más.

Cury dice que todos tenemos las mismas opotunidades. Tan solo nos diferenciamos en los que creen y persisten en sus suenos y los que se dejan desanimar y que abandonen a sus suenos por las dificultades y contratiempos de la vida.  

“La fuente de placer, la que todo el mundo busca está oculta tras las innumerables dificultades y dolores emocionales de la vida.”

El destino no está programado ni es inevitable. El destino es una cuestión de elección. Segun Cury todos tenemos la misma capacidad intelectual, no hay nadie que es mejor o mas listo o mas inteligente, tan solo hay personas que confian mas o menos en si mismo y que creen en sus suenos con mas determinacion. Los que salen victoriosos en la realizacion de los suenos son los que supieron superar los contratiempos de la vida  y porque fueron mas perserverantes en la realizacion de ellos. Ademas supieron construir sus suenos y proyectos sobre los escombros de sus fracasos.

Lo que amenudo nos impide avanzar es lo que el llama RAM, el Registro Automatico de la Memoria.  A lo largo de nuestra vida hay millones y millones de experiencias que tienen un gran impacto emocional y traumatico y que son registrados sin darnos cuenta en el inconsciente. Estos experiencias algunas veces nos impiden confiar en nosotros mismos, tener fe, lanzarnos, por miedos etc. En relacion a ello Cury nos habla lo que el llama ‘Ventanas Killer’ y dice de ellos que es importante que reeditamos continuamente y lo mas rapido posible estos expriencias traumaticas para que no nos condicionan.

“Las ventanas killer son zonas de intensos conflictos enclavadas en el inconsciente, que bloquean el placer y la inteligencia. Ejemplo; Cuando una persona tiene fobia a hablar en público, al abrirse, su ventana Killer bloquea su inteligencia, no logra encontrar los archivos de su memoria que sustentan su razonamiento, no coordina sus ideas”.

Estamos perdiendo la sensillez, la ingenuidad y la levedad del ser. La educación, aunque atraviesa una crisis sin precedentes, es nuestra gran esperanza. Ojalá la educación moderna enseñará menos matemática, física, química, biología y mas arte de pensar, dice Cury. Nuestros alumnos tendrían algunas de estas nobles cacteristicas de inteligencia de los grandes genios y el mundo sería menos rígido.

A continuacion menciono algunas temas que aparecen en el libro de Cury y que me parecen bellos o importantes pero sobre todo porque invitan a la reflexion…

Los Iconos…
La sociedad moderna es una fábrica de iconos que priman a nuestros jóvenes de realidad y libertad. Ya no toman como modelos a sus padres, profesores y otros profesionales que luchan por triunfar en sus respectivos ámbitos. Sus modelos son mágicos: actores, deportistas, cantantes que alcanzan el éxito de un día para otro. Este modelo mágico no tiene fundamentos, no proporciona basa para soportar difficultades y enfrentar desafios. Constituye una mazmorra interior, sueños inalcanzables. Sabemos que la sobrevaloracion es tan nociva como la discriminacion.
La psicoadaptacion consiste en la incapacidad de las emociones humanas para reaccionar con la misma intensidad frente al mismo estímulo.
Nos psico-adaptamos a todo y de está manera perdemos el placer y buscamos de modo inconsciente nuevo estímulos, nuevos objetos, nuevas ideas. “Solo logramos volver a sentir placer si reciclamos nuestra capacidad de observar y valoramos detalles no contemplados anteriormente”.
La psicoadaptacion puede ser positivo y negativo para el ser humano,’genera una revolución creativa, nos estimula a buscar lo nuevo, a amar lo desconocido etc. No obstante si la psicoadaptacion es exagerada, genera insatisfacción crónica y consumismo. Nada agrada por mucho tiempo. Las conquistas producen un placer rápido y fugaz. ‘los niños acabaran psicoadaptamdose al exceso de juguetes, consumen cada vez mas pero obtienen cada vez menos placer.
Otra trampa es la psicoadaptacion de la emocion a la violencia social, los ataques terroristas, la competividad, las peleas conyugales, los fracasos profesionales, la depresion, el pánico, la ansiedad. Cual es la consecuencia? Perdemos la capacidad de reacción.
Es posible que te estés psicoadaptandote a la falta de diálogo en tu familia a la difficultad de acercarte a un alumno dificil o un companero de trabajo complicado?

Sobre la psico-adaptacion… continuacion
Los niños judíos y palestinos, inocentes en está guerra de adultos, están destruyendo su futuro emocional: perderán su amor por la vida, perderán su fe en la existencia, sufrirán angustias crónicas, miedo y tristeza. El terrorismo causa innumerables estragos. Destruye los sueños de varias generaciones.
– los jóvenes deben criticar la violencia para que la violencia registrada sea diariamente reeditado. – hay que ponerse y poner a los alumnos en el lugar de los que sufrieron, de la otra manera no generan una conciencia crítica y puede resultar nocivo, pues lleva a la insensibilidad frente a las atrocidades humanas.

Autoridad y liderazgo….

Solo el que renuncia a la autoridad es digno de ella. Cualquier líder espiritual, político, social, que desea que las personas se gravitan en torno a el no es digno de ser un líder. “los que utilizan el poder y el dinero para controlar a los demás no se hallan preparados para poseerlo. Solo los que sirven a los demas son dignos de mandar.”

Felicidad y Fracaso…

Ser feliz desde el punto de vista de la psicología, no es gozar de una vida perfecta sino saber extraer sabiduría de los errores, alegría de los dolores, fuerza de los decepciones, coraje de los fracasos. Ser feliz de este modo es el requisito básico para la salud física y mental.

Solucionar conflictos…

Organiza una especie de mesa redonda contigo mismo para debatir los conflictos y los crisis. Así dejarás de ser un siervo de tus traumas”.

Sueños y soledad…
Para muchos, la soledad es una companera intolerable, pero para los soñadores es una invitación a la reflexion. Los que alimentan grandes proyectos necesitan una dosis de soledad para elaborar sus sueños.

El castigo y el perdon…

Alguna vez le has dicho <lo comprendo> a alquien que se ha equivocado mucho contigo? En muchas occasiones actuamos como verdugos de las personas que se equivocan. “En la especie humana falta comprension y sobra el castigo.”

Bellas lecciones de inteligencia, como el arte de la solidaridad, la capacidad de ponerse en el lugar del otro, el respeto por la vida etc.
Solidaridad y tolerancia…
No hagas distinción entre las personas. La tolerancia es la herramienta de los inteligentes, y la solidaridad, la de los sabios.

“En la esencia somos iguales; en las diferencias nos respetamos”

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Workshop on Walldorf education for the teachers involved at schools and projects managed by ISS Sevapur. Introduction by: Aban Bana
From recording on march 11 2010 

Walldorf education is an alternative method of education and philosophy developed by Rudolf Steiner.
R. S. stated that the human being relates to the world around him and the environment on three fundamental principles.
The 1st. principle he  mentioned was the “thinking” or through our “thoughts”. THINKING
The 2nd.  one is through our feeling. (sympathy, desires, love, hate etc.)  FEELING
And The 3rd principle,  through our ACTIONS or DOINGS

These are the 3 fundamental capacities of the human being through which he or she can relate to the world and receives all what the world has to offer.
Now in conventional education we only focus on the 1st, the Thinking. And we forget the other two.
But as Steiner said we have to educate our children in all the 3 levels.
The 3 levels or stages:  Head – Heart – Hands/Limbs as he calls them.

Steiner said, we must develop the thinking capacity of the child. And we have to activate, stimulate the free thinking, not suppress the thinking, as we do in conventional education.
In conventional education we give the information to the child all the time, facts and numbers by which we make the child unfree.
In Steiner education we make the child think for him/her self. In Walldorf education the goal is to make them participate and think independently and without restrictions.
When the teacher is teaching he should approach the children in a way so the children think for themselves, starting with what they know about the subject.
So in waldorf education it is important that at the beginning of a new subject the teacher activates the interest of the child.
That means that when a teacher comes into the classroom he doesn’t say, “open your books on page 15” or so but he actualy puts the books aside. In fact Steiner didn’t use text books. 

A teacher should start creating the atmosphere in the classroom in such away that the children are already interested in the subject even before he has mentioned the subject or started explaining about it. Brainstorming thus is an important aspect in Walldorf Education. 
So we basically go from the known (what we already know from the subject) to the unknow (what we want to know).  It’s like a journey, you start from where the children are and then gradually you develop the subject in such a way that as the subject grows also their interest grows. 
Secondarily we always start, even if it is a very abstract subject like maths or science, to remember what is the ‘concrete’ and then we move to the ‘abstract’.
That is the way you approach the HEAD of the child and that is how you make the child more creative and interested.

But now we move to the 2nd level or stage the HEART.
If we nurture the heart, the feelings of the child become more sublime.
So what are the subjects of the heart?
– Poets, stories, music, arts, and crafts etc. you can see the word heart contains the word art. All these things we just mentioned touch the heart.
In fact this is something we have to emphasize, if you teach them subject of the heart they will develop a lot of compasion, kindness and this is what our society needs more than anything else.
You can also touch the heart of the children by telling them stories about remarkable people like Lea provo (Sevapur), Ghandi, Martin Luther King and other wonderfull people who contributed so much of themselves to society in such a selfless manner.

The 3rd principle or level is the ‘Action’ or the ‘Doing’ or in other words the HANDS/LIMBS.
What do you think are the subjects that  are involved in this part?
– Sports, drawing, dance, etc. and especially gardening is very important.
See the thing is that gardening  is the best way to teach them about ecology.   
When they plant a seed and see how much time and effort it takes for a seed to grow into a plant they will develop so much compassion and so much reverence that they will never want to cut down a tree.

It is very important that we teach our children to use their hands in a creative, productive and sensible manner.
Basket weaving, pottery, other crafts, gardening, but the most important  is cleaning. Because our country is so dirty. The first thing one sees when he looks at the environment is garbage, plastics and dirt.
People like to clean themselves so we have to teach them also to clean their surroundings, villages and streets.
Now when you travel in India you go through beautiful villages but you also see piles of garbage, plastics etc.

Now here we come to some overall understanding conclusion.  If you teach them to think freely they will understand the difference between right and wrong. If they know to think in an independent way they will know the difference.
If you teach the children on the level of the feeling you will awaken in them the feeling for compassion, kindness, goodness.
And when you make the children to use their hands, their ‘limbs’ in a productive creative and sensible way you will create in those children the strength of moral principals, you strengthen their morality.

We should also speak now in terms of the three virtues of Ancient Hinduisme.
Satyam / truth –  Sundram / beauty –  Shivam / goodness or religion as you can also call it.
Satyam will be translated as truth so this is the value which we interrogate in the right approach of the head.
Sundram not just external beauty but inner beauty, the estetic beauty of the world we live in. This is the beauty that we activate in the education of the Heart.
Shivam can be expressed as Goodness. (action hands limbs ) gardening, drafts, cleaning.

Subjects that belong in the sphere of the mind the thinking, Satyam are, science, maths, 2 + 2 is 4 or that the sun rises in the east. It’s absolutely true. There are certain laws that you incalculate in the children that are quite definite. Also we have Subjects of the facts like political science, history, economics.

What are the subjects that belong to the sphere of the heart or Sundram (beauty)?  Here ofcourse we will give the subjects of the Arts.

And what will be the subjects that belongs to Shivam or Goodness, to the Action or in other words to the Hands or limbs?  What is the greatest subject that is acting on your hands, goodness, actions?
Moral subjects! And how would you call moral subjects in one word? RELIGION.
We are not thinking about building churges, or tempels or mosques that is ritual, this is the spiritual side of religion.
It’s not Hinduisme, Islam or Christianity. We here talk about humanity, the religion of humanity!
How to do good things, actions. This is what mother Lea always has been talking about when she spoke about Real Religion.
Going to the tempel and ring a bells and so is OK but it’s Only one small thing of religion.
We are pursuing the moral principals through the actions, the doing, through the actions. Because what we think is important, what we feel is important but then we all leave this world and go to the other world and what would remain if we are not here?
What we think and what we feel will overpass but what we do will remain, stay behind. It’s only through this that we transform the world we live in. We can only transform the world through our actions.

Now I will end by saying that ofcourse we won’t be able to have Walldorf schools all around India especialy if you think we only have 5 walldorf schools in India and that there are only 1000 in all the world.
So we can not have walldorf schools everywhere but that is also not important. But it is important that we have an understanding of child education on the basis of the 3-fold nature. 

The pictures in this article where taken at the Annai Lea Higher Secundary Highschool in Sevapur.  Eurythme and Walldorf Alternative Education introduction workshops.

Walldorf Alternative Education workshop were given at ISS Sevapur in Tamil Nadu  by Aban and Dilnawaz Bana from the Anthroposophical association in Mumbai/India. http://www.anthroposophyindia.org/

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Basics of meditation…

Give up the baggage of the past and the future, sustain your attention on the present moment and let your mind come to a rest. Let your mind rejuvenate while it is inactive and still.
Abandoning your mind is abandoning thoughts about your work, your family, your responsabilities, your commitments, the good and the bad times, abandon all past experiences.
Let all of the past go and you have the ability to be free in the present moment.

Anticipations about the future, fears, plans, and expectations — let all of that go…   Buddha once said about the future “whatever you think it will be, it will always be something different”!
This future is known to the wise as uncertain, unknown and unpredictable. It’s often complete stupidity to anticipate the future, and always a great waste of your time to think about the future in meditation. You only have to devellop silent awareness and live the reality of the present moment. “Silence is much more productive of wisdom and clarity than thinking”. The goal of meditation is the beautiful silence, stillness and clarity of mind.

One should let go of material and mental burdens. One should become the witness of oneself, free of judgements.          The mind and inner speech causes all the suffering in life, that causes us to become angry, that makes our enemies and creates dangerous attachments to those we make our loved ones.  The voice of our mind causes all life’s problems and creates anxiety and depression. So seek for the truth and always value the ‘silent’ awareness. Carefully removing the importance we give to one’s thinking and the inner voice.

When you realize how much more enjoyable and valuable it is to be silent within, then silence becomes more attractive and important to you. At this stage one should have realized that our thinking is really pointless anyway, that it gets you nowhere only giving you many headaches. 
In the silent awareness of the present moment you will experience much peace, joy and consequent wisdom.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For a dear friend…

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Sitting in Mother Lea’s old rocking chair outside on the veranda I listen to the call of exotic birds high up in the trees, squirrels quarreling about some seeds and acorns and excited joyful children voices come towards me from out of the distance.  It’s now on this magical moment that I reconnect deeply to the energy of this magical place and recall what made me fall in love with the people and the surroundings, the first time I visited.  I remember it was the  natural beauty and the simple rural Indian village life of  Sevapur, revealing the true and sincere meaning of existence that freed my heart and liberated my mind from superficial worries. Peace and harmony, sustained by the burning  sun. Bright light and the wind, rushing through the canopies making a sound that is like a love song to my ears.  The extreme heat slows work down to the pace of common sense and life follows the natural rhythm of the season.  Farmers working in the open fields, harvesting plots of rice while I realize that it’s definitely to hot for an enthusiastic ‘white-man’ like me, captivated and thrilled by Bio dynamical farming to go out there.  It must be around 3 in the afternoon and the call from a lonely peacock mingles with that of other birds sheltering in the Palmera tree in front of me. They must be hiding in the shade waiting for the late afternoon to fly out for food and or company. I do the same, I sleep a bit and wait for the temperature to drop and to become more active and social. Summer in India is actually not so different from summer back home. One must adapt to the place and the culture just like I do when I take a siesta in Spain.

Viva la Siesta and Viva Sevapur…

my old friend and farmer from sevapur.

Weeds for pest control… How to know what weed to use?  Just take the ones the goats and cows dont eat, they are to bitter.

Keeping the BD compost piles wet in the BD garden at Sevapur.


coconut break at the cowshed…

planting rice seedlings.

Blue Mooktuma matching blue Sevapur

Harrasan the KING…

The boys with Warden Sebastian

covering sugarcane.

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Staff members at ISS Sevapur and some other memorable moments.

Sevapur taking the goats out grasing….

My old teethless friend and rice farmer from Sevapur.

Susheela cooking for the boys home.. always smiling and making jokes

Chinepune preparing food for the staff…

Watchman Murugan brushing his teeth with a small branch of a neem tree.

Karrupuraj the mushroom man…

Pongalo pongal!!!!!!
Palani, Pongal ceremony at ISS January 14th..

Pongal is a colourfull and with tradition filled Harvest Festival where the ‘Cow’ is the centre of attention and becomes the holy caracter of the day.. Pongal is the boiling of jaggery sweetend rice till it spills over the edge of the pot, simbolising fertility and providing plentifull yields … This particular day the cow is the king of the day and is being washed thoroughly, decorated and painted with colourfull dots also the horns are carefully painted with bright new colours…. Pongal is one of Tamilnadu’s most important celebrations.

Young cow during Pongal Celebration.

A little cowdung shrine for Pongal celebration.

Cows during Pongal are being given sweetend rice while everyone is singing….. Pongalo Pongal, Pongalo Pongal, Pongalo Pongal…

Pongalo Pongal

Mantis religiosa

My friends from the boys home

Boys from the boyshome playing cricket in the afternoon sun…

girls with wondeful threads…

Local farmers family from sevapur harvesting rice….

The only temple in India exclusively dedicated to the Ohm (AUM), is the  temple that has been build by mother Lea Provo in Sevapur…
(The temple shrine unifies the 3 symbols of india’s main religions in the cross; hinduisme, islam and Christianity. It expreses universal love and iquality of religion and believes.

Villagers of Sevapur washing the cows in the river.

impressive papaya

Kids near Lea Provo’s burial place in Sevapur.

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